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Ages 3-4
Loving, Creative, Playful Atmosphere

Developing Little Minds

Our preschool program focuses on the developmental needs of students by providing a Christian-based curriculum that helps develop language, reading, and motor skills in a safe, loving, and nurturing environment. However, it is not all work and no play, our preschool program ensures students also learn and develop through playing and exploring the world around them.

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Our Curriculum

Abeka Curriculum

At First Place Academy, we love the Abeka curriculum. Starting children at a young age under Abeka has proven to develop students into strong readers and critical thinkers. In our preschool program, our students begin learning the foundations of phonics, cursive writing, arithmetic, and much more! More importantly, the Abeka Bible classes teach children that they are valued and loved by a Creator that has designed them for a purpose.

preschool student practicing writing skills

Daily Routine


Skill Building



Morning Program

The core academic learning is done as part of our morning program (7:30am – 11:30am). Each day begins with a Bible lesson much like the rest of our school. Breakfast is provided after Bible class. Outside time is set for students to explore and play before beginning their skills development in the classroom. They practice their language, phonic, and numbers skills and are then led to their centers to learn through play and experimentation.


Lunch is served at 11:30. Students sit together, talk amongst themselves, and eat lunch. After lunch, students begin getting ready for nap/rest time.

Snack and Dismissal

As students begin waking up from their nap/rest time, they are given some snack time before dismissal. Students are also able to free play and explore while waiting for parent pick-up.

Learning Centers/Free Play

Our students’ days are designed so that they can expect the same structure every day, thus creating a stable and secure environment for our kids. After their main morning program, our K3 and K4 students are able to free play and explore through various centers and stations that intrigue their curious minds.

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